Elif Garajová and Martin Mečiar, Solving and Visualizing Nonlinear Set Inversion Problems.
Reliable Computing, vol. 22, pp. 104–115, July, 2016. (pdf) (html)

Conference talks

SOR '17: The 14th International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia (Bled, Slovenia), September 2017
The Effects of Transformations on the Optimal Set in Interval Linear Programming

Paraopt XI: 11th International Conference on Parametric Optimization and Related Topics (Prague, Czech Republic), September 2017
Approximating the Optimal Value Range in Interval Linear Programming (slides)

ODS 2017: International Conference on Optimization and Decision Science (Sorrento, Italy), September 2017
On the Properties of Interval Linear Programs with a Fixed Coefficient Matrix (slides)

SWIM 2015: 8th Small Workshop on Interval Methods (Prague, Czech Republic), June 2015
Solving and Visualizing Nonlinear Constraint Satisfaction Problems (slides) (abstract)


Master thesis (September 2016)
The optimal solution set of interval linear programming problems (link)

Bachelor thesis (June 2014)
Interval solver for nonlinear constraints (in Slovak) (link)